Who Am I

Hi! I'm Paula, an illustrator living in Madrid. 

I've travelled to many places and lived in different countries like Luxembourg, UK or China, and always try to absorb a bit of each place I visit or live in to add them to my personal style.
Before becoming a professional illustrator and designer I was a tattoo artist with a style based on line drawing and pointillism, two styles that I don't use nowadays but I work fluently.
Lately I´ve been using Procreate as my main working tool, although my goal this year is to gain more experience with oils.
I also have a line of stationery products under the name CosmicPe, with illustrations of people and cities.


What I Do

I usually work with clients who ask me for illustrations and designs with my personal style, however I have worked with several clients who have established a clear aesthetic line to follow, a method with which I also feel comfortable working. 


Contact Me

Paula Miqué


Instagram: paula.mique

Behance: Paula Miqué

Dribbble: Paula Miqué 

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